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Mobile Macro Meals Club


It is our mission and passion to provide you with nourishing, balancing foods that don’t disappoint your taste buds! With our new offering of handmade snacks & treats, you’ll be consuming healing superfoods, even when snack attacks arrive. These treats are vegan and free of refined sugars, oils, gluten, artificial ingredients and preservatives. They are FULL of wholefoods and macrobiotic inspired ingredients. Check our updates for seasonal selections and holiday options 😊

Please place your order by Thursday for the Monday delivery to [email protected]

If you are not part of the MMMC deliveries, please inquire about a pickup/delivery option. 

Nori Granola (Rotating flavors) 6oz $10

*Puffed millet and/or puffed rice, *whole grain oats, *sprouted pumpkin seeds, *dried goji berries, *nori, *tahini, *tamari, *brown rice syrup, *white miso, *black sesame gomashio, *ginger, *cinnamon, *monk fruit.

*organic ingredients

MACrackers 6oz $10​

*Quinoa/ cauliflower flour, *tahini, *toasted sesame oil, nutritional yeast, *dried herbs, dulse flakes, *tamari, *garlic, *black sesame gomashio

*organic ingredients

Azuki Bean Brownie Bites 1 Dozen $10

*Azuki beans, cacao powder, *buckwheat flower, *unrefined coconut crystals, *almond butter, *mini dark chocolate chips, dates, *chia/flax, sea salt, *vanilla, *cinnamon, *monk fruit

*organic ingredients

Super Berry Bliss Balls 1 Dozen $10

Dates, *oats, *puffed millet, *almond butter, *sunflower seeds, *goji berry, *cranberry, *blueberry, *baobab, *acqui, *macqui, *maca

*organic ingredients

Triple Ginger MACerdoodle Cookies 1 Dozen $10

*Gluten-free flour, *unsweetened plant milk, *unrefined coconut crystals, *unrefined coconut oil, *chia/flax, kuzu, ginger juice, ginger powder, crystallized ginger, *cinnamon, *vanilla, aluminium free baking powder, *monk fruit/ stevia, sea salt

*organic ingredients